Friday, January 7, 2011

painting with a 2-3 brush

I love to paint by using 2 to 3 brushes at once, let's say the first brush is cyan,second brush magenta, and third brush yellow, I do not use black color now. to get the dark color of course adjusted to the lighting and color content of the shadowed object.
and someday I'll use my hands to paint, so there are 6 brushes at once. hmmmm ........ increasingly difficult just to paint. can never be if we have not tried, but try something that looks difficult becomes easy, let someone else say "where possible", do it and shut their mouths with success

Headlines about what?

acrylic on canvas 68 x 48 cm

Thursday, January 6, 2011

painting portrait acrylic with my style and technic

portrait in acrylic paint on canvas, I use two to three brush that I put in between my fingers. of course with a color that has been adapted premises desire of the image. in this video only on initial layer, usually with this technique I only needed 2 to 3 layers. with this technique is also not liquid paint, I just dip the brush into the medium (water or medium recommended by paint manufacturer) when considered dry / rough. I will continue on part / second layer on the next video. like to thank our friends in the community and also, as well as comments from his friends in artbreak and FAA. i love you to all. I hope this technique can inspire me and who saw to the development of the art world, especially in portrait acrylic on canvas as well as the other.

Monday, January 3, 2011

jockey inmates

paket 1 tahun perbulan 1,5 juta
paket 2 tahun perbulan 1,4 juta
dst makin lama makin murah mari gan di ambil....
oh negeriku...... 
saya menggambarnya saja sambil meneteskan air mata
dan bergetar dadaku