Sunday, November 20, 2011

urban development

general, the function of public spaces by Stephen Carr stated that the public sphere must satisfy three things, namely responsive, democratic and meaningful. Responsive in the sense of public space should be used for a variety of activities and extensive kepetngan. While democratic means public money should be used by people from various backgrounds mum social, economicand culture as well as accessible for a variety of human physical condition. Significant and meaningful public spaces should have a link between people, space and the wider world as well as the social context.
Activities conducted in an open space on the green open public space is, in principle, is a place where people can perform activities in connection with the activities of other social relationships. Thus the green open spaces in the public sphere not only the nature of outer space as a landscape design for the city park or green area just inside the city but more in favor of human involvement in it as a user facility.
SITE SELECTIONIn recent years, has run out of Semarang considered active in the city park, this is seen in the behavior of people who use the park passive to an active park, one example is a young monument that has become an icon of Semarang.Banjirkanal western riverbank is a frequently neglected area residents used for example as a garbage dump, but the potential is less processed.With reference to the second state, then came the idea and the idea to develop the potential that exists on the banks of banjirkanal of neglected land to be used as a public space that is more beneficial and sustainable.
DOMINANT in SITE PROBLEMSPermasalahn that exist along the river include the possibility of floods, government-owned land that is not maintained, can not establish a permanent building and planting perennials, many places in the slums along the banks, and also the behavior of citizens who care about and appreciate this area .
IDE and IDEASSome of the ideas that emerged in the face of these problems include:· Stay to maintain existing wild plants (elephant grass, weeds, etc.) which is a plant that can naturally survive in the current flood· Is the main erosion banks of this river.· Providing public entertainment facilities that are accessible to all walks of life.· Restoring the potential of view along the river that has been damaged.· Triggering the interaction between visitors, locals, and this location.· Improve the quality of outdoor space on the banks of the river has become one of the active urban parks which can attract crowds.· Make use of existing resources at the site.
IMPLEMENTATION OF DESIGN• Provide an area where people can jog and bike along the 800meter without worrying about disturbing and disturbed traffic• Provide an area to accommodate the hobby of fishing communities that used to go fishing in any place around the bridge and river Banjirkanal• Provide group with a sitting area as a place of refreshing shade and relaxation which can still be used during flood• Provide parking for bicycles and two wheelers without pavement· Processing of wild plants on the site as an element penghijau an unsightly and as barriers to erosion of the river during floods.• Provide a clearing on the banks where a variety of social interactions and activities can occur such as the gym in the morning together, where competitions are held HUT-RI, where children play and run together, where young people chatting with her friends.· The water supply for washing and watering the plants by providing Senggot (Poma simple water)° and in the end if all these functions can be achieved, the people will keep and maintain the banks of this river so it can become an active urban park SUSTAINABLE.
The main concept of this design is to let the site as natural as possible without changing the existing and functioning optimally.Materials for the majority of construction materials using bamboo, because the area around the banks of a bamboo production area.While at the bottom of the banks, not much given the construction to avoid the loss of construction if a big flood. Construction used in the bottom of the banks was made in such a way as to hold the flood.For parking, do not use the pavement at all, but rather continue to use natural grass groundcover.At the bottom of the flood plains, wild plants (elephant grass) to let it alone because it is a plant that grows naturally and is able to withstand the floods so that in addition to functioning as an element penghijau also serves as a barrier soil erosion. This is quite interesting because it gives the impression of wild nature-friendly garden with different active parks in general are likely artificial.