Sunday, November 20, 2011

urban development

general, the function of public spaces by Stephen Carr stated that the public sphere must satisfy three things, namely responsive, democratic and meaningful. Responsive in the sense of public space should be used for a variety of activities and extensive kepetngan. While democratic means public money should be used by people from various backgrounds mum social, economicand culture as well as accessible for a variety of human physical condition. Significant and meaningful public spaces should have a link between people, space and the wider world as well as the social context.
Activities conducted in an open space on the green open public space is, in principle, is a place where people can perform activities in connection with the activities of other social relationships. Thus the green open spaces in the public sphere not only the nature of outer space as a landscape design for the city park or green area just inside the city but more in favor of human involvement in it as a user facility.
SITE SELECTIONIn recent years, has run out of Semarang considered active in the city park, this is seen in the behavior of people who use the park passive to an active park, one example is a young monument that has become an icon of Semarang.Banjirkanal western riverbank is a frequently neglected area residents used for example as a garbage dump, but the potential is less processed.With reference to the second state, then came the idea and the idea to develop the potential that exists on the banks of banjirkanal of neglected land to be used as a public space that is more beneficial and sustainable.
DOMINANT in SITE PROBLEMSPermasalahn that exist along the river include the possibility of floods, government-owned land that is not maintained, can not establish a permanent building and planting perennials, many places in the slums along the banks, and also the behavior of citizens who care about and appreciate this area .
IDE and IDEASSome of the ideas that emerged in the face of these problems include:· Stay to maintain existing wild plants (elephant grass, weeds, etc.) which is a plant that can naturally survive in the current flood· Is the main erosion banks of this river.· Providing public entertainment facilities that are accessible to all walks of life.· Restoring the potential of view along the river that has been damaged.· Triggering the interaction between visitors, locals, and this location.· Improve the quality of outdoor space on the banks of the river has become one of the active urban parks which can attract crowds.· Make use of existing resources at the site.
IMPLEMENTATION OF DESIGN• Provide an area where people can jog and bike along the 800meter without worrying about disturbing and disturbed traffic• Provide an area to accommodate the hobby of fishing communities that used to go fishing in any place around the bridge and river Banjirkanal• Provide group with a sitting area as a place of refreshing shade and relaxation which can still be used during flood• Provide parking for bicycles and two wheelers without pavement· Processing of wild plants on the site as an element penghijau an unsightly and as barriers to erosion of the river during floods.• Provide a clearing on the banks where a variety of social interactions and activities can occur such as the gym in the morning together, where competitions are held HUT-RI, where children play and run together, where young people chatting with her friends.· The water supply for washing and watering the plants by providing Senggot (Poma simple water)° and in the end if all these functions can be achieved, the people will keep and maintain the banks of this river so it can become an active urban park SUSTAINABLE.
The main concept of this design is to let the site as natural as possible without changing the existing and functioning optimally.Materials for the majority of construction materials using bamboo, because the area around the banks of a bamboo production area.While at the bottom of the banks, not much given the construction to avoid the loss of construction if a big flood. Construction used in the bottom of the banks was made in such a way as to hold the flood.For parking, do not use the pavement at all, but rather continue to use natural grass groundcover.At the bottom of the flood plains, wild plants (elephant grass) to let it alone because it is a plant that grows naturally and is able to withstand the floods so that in addition to functioning as an element penghijau also serves as a barrier soil erosion. This is quite interesting because it gives the impression of wild nature-friendly garden with different active parks in general are likely artificial.

Friday, November 18, 2011

practice painting

My name raihanah Afifah painting since childhood was happy, there's no fun for him than painting.
I'm practicing to paint directly taught by my father who was also pleased with the painting, because I was selected to represent the school at the school level painting competition kindergarten.
This painting is made with acrylic media on canvas with a size of A3.
pray for me hopefully can win.


design of hanger for clothing in bed room

Saturday, November 12, 2011

maximize your brain function

maybe some people or a very small number of people who use both sides of his brain. as we all know that humans have two sides of the brain that we call the right brain and left brain. The human brain is divided into two parts, namely the right brain and left brain with different functions. Identified the right brain of creativity, equality, imagination, creativity, shape or space, emotion, music and color, lateral thinking, unstructured, and tend not to think about things that are too detailed. While the left brain usually identified with the neat, differences, numbers, sequences, writing, language, calculation, logic, structured, analytical, mathematical, systematic, linear, and step by step.
Right brain function in the development of EQ (Emotional Quotient), as this equation, fantasy, creativity, shape or space, emotion, music and color. Right brain memory is long (long term memory).
The left brain function as controllers IQ (Intelligence Quotient) as the difference, numbers, sequences, writing, language, calculation and logic. Left brain memory short term (short term memory).
Difference theory of brain function right and left brain has been popular since 1960. A researcher named Roger Sperry discovered that the human brain consists of two hemispheres (part), the right brain and left brain which have different functions. This for his services he received the Nobel prize in 1981. In addition he also found that when the right brain left brain was working so tend to be more calm, and vice versa.

by Doug Hall, the dominance of the brain will affect the person's personality:

The right brain: humorous, simple, fun, wasteful, more trusting intuition, messy, chaotic, self = self-expression, preferring the feeling as a solution to the problem, adventurous, dream big, carpenters shout, "rule breakers", free, spontaneous .

The left brain: a serious, complicated, boring, efficient, more trust facts, neatly-organized, ide = profitability, preferring scholarly, careful, knowledgeable public, silent supporters, regulators, conservative, predictable.

Which precedence over the right or left brain?

you must know Archimedes (about the weight of the type), or newton (on the theory of gravity), or Albert Einstein (relativity), which he used first? right brain or left.

Incidentally, I worked on one project management consultants as a drafter and also QS (Quantity Surveyor), my daily work using the left brain, (Monday through Friday) Saturday and Sunday while I use to paint.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

desain 3d

rautan di gunakan untuk menajamkan pensil.
saya menggunakan autoCAD 2007 untuk mengerjakan pekerjaan ini.

kereta api, alat transportasi paling efisien karena mampun mengangkut manusia ribuan dalam sekali jalan. seharusnya ini menjadi alat transportasi yang di perbanyak. anda bisa bayangkan berapa jumlah uang yang akan terselamatkan. dan juga dapat mengurangi gas emisi berbahaya pada kendaraan bermotor, tapi sayang pemerintah tutup mata terhadap alat transportasi ini.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

eggshells and global warming

Calcutta, India, Waste egg shell or the skin seems not many people utilized. But a recent study found that eggshells can help address climate change.

Researchers from the University of Calcutta, India, has shown that the membrane that lines the shell of the egg can absorb the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, almost seven times the weight of the egg itself.

"Carbon dioxide is a snare can temporarily be stored in this form, to the effective energy method for using this gas can be found. Later hoped would not happen again environmental problems associated carbon emissions," said Basab Chaudhuri, lead investigator from the University of Calcutta, as Medindia reported on Monday (1/11/2010).

Chaudhuri explains that the eggshell consists of three layers, namely the cuticle on the outer layer, and the calcium content in the middle layer and chewy inside.

The middle layer consists of fibers and the protein bound to the calcium carbonate. This membrane that can absorb CO2 and is right under the skin with a thickness of about 100 micrometers.

"To get this membrane, we have to separate the membrane from the cuticle. The separation membrane is currently not an efficient process," said Chaudhuri.

But according to researchers led by Chaudhuri, weak acids can help and can be used to separate the membrane from the shell to be used as an adsorbent (sinks) of carbon dioxide.

"This mechanical separation will be made for industrial scale processes. However, everyone also can reduce CO2 levels by exposing the membrane to the eggshell after eating eggs," lid Chaudhuri.

This study has been published in the International Journal of Global Warming in October.

taken from: / 'eggshell can absorb global warming "

Thursday, September 8, 2011


pendant / necklace semar

only liontin eggshell
price Rp. 2500,-/pcs min. order 36 pcs

more negotiation with me
send in my email at
thank you all good luck!

happy family

necklace with a pendant of eggshell on top of a happy family picture.
size 3 x 4 cm

price Rp. 50.000

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


still not in the pair of pendant necklace chain

 liontin from eggshel
3 x 4 cm

cuthead technique

how technique cuthead it? looking for not found, finally wrote my own try, the important stylenya like poitilism
very cool once ya when in place on eggshells.
I'm working with a time of 1 hour
ink on paper
4 x 6 cm

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

bob marley

 necklace with a pendant of the eggshell with a picture of bob marley on it.

looks ahead

broken egg shells not ya? there must be a question.

condition: Do not intentionally or accidentally slam on the running board, if only guaranteed not to break down.

because the back of the shell was in the cast with a glue-like rubber, so it becomes rubbery because there is a soft layer behind it except if you cast with resin or cast in cement sand so hard it becomes brittle and it is certainly easy to break.


craft egg shell

justin bieber

on rock
portrait justin biber on rock for necklace and liontin 
2.5 x 3.5 cm
only $15

Saturday, September 3, 2011

mini painting portrait

painting a small portrait is well suited for the brooch or necklace.
media can use plywood, porcelain and others.
I use the media on canvas in acrylic with a diameter of 2.6 cm.

"appreciate something of a minor before you appreciate the large, because of the small all started"

mini painting portrait for brocch
mixed media
acrylic, eggshell, brocch (fabric) 

souvenirs from the zoo Ragunan

confused lebaran holiday going?
ultimately the choice fell to Ragunan zoo, because it is not too far from where I live.
late afternoon and was about to close the zoo, was accidentally dropped at home to bears and see interesting attractions which are shown by the two male bears, relieved at last to fatigue due to their doings.
the need to preserve their habitat is our collective responsibility, do not let our children and grandchildren can not enjoy the same thing directly.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

cafe terrace

utilize the waste or used as a work of art can also be utilized for playground equipment. example can be used as background or property of toys, like dolls-bonekaan
and can also be used as a promotional tool for a particular product, can be as ornate or property of children's toys.

Or also for multi-function media painting, hardboard given a sketch (or blank / plain), then your child stay coloring, after marked later in the form in accordance with the image content. can design the house, views etc..

parts of it which is utilized as a medium. while the outside remains as product design. which has been empty interior, can be used as a medium of certain promotional events tailored to certain of the owners of the product.
cardboard design course will be adjusted with the next function in addition to packing the product.
This example is a simple overview of the use of cardboard as packing as well as a promotional tool.

For more information, please contact me via email or mobile.



when it's finished the game? form so the box! store the toys inside. back into place.
how about for toys:
1. use clay (but a bit difficult)
2. use the pulp in print
3. or purchase commercially available
4. anyone want to join to manufacture this product? 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

happy Idul Fitri 1432H

happy Idul Fitri 1432H
for those of you who celebrate it
wherever you are
may God bestow blessing

Mixed Media
Acrylic and two brush on canvas

animasi gif

Monday, August 29, 2011

i am spiderman

in addition to my painting, I also liked the design from AutoCAD, Photoshop, CorelDraw, 3D max and flash.
screen printing techniques mastered in oil base well, having worked on one of advertising company in Jakarta.

with the base material for screen printing PVC sheet, Vinyl, etc. cover products such as tires, standing boards, flag chain, x-banner, etc.
I also received the manufacture of the sheet allumunium anodesing

Anodezing Allumunium
spidy salto 

spidy dance 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

two girls

sketch up 
acrylic on canvas

two women sitting cross-legged in the street, with dark clothing, a beggar, or whether both are selling something amid streets paved with just a cloth. in the background there is a gate to form arches, form a circle like a head. while in front was a wall severed to form the chin, looks looks like the other sketches in this painting, a piece of the head which looked at both of them with suspicion or emotion (whatever you perceive it).
two girl's head to form eyes, the second arm form a nose, while the two calves and two sheets of fabric form the lip.
I created this painting simply because I do not want him to disappear from my memory, I immediately brush the color into it. only 10 minutes before it disappeared from my memory.
My eyes must be directly focused on the two women, I do not know if you can catch the eye on the overall shape of the head section of this painting.

Friday, August 26, 2011

earth crying

inspiration for many illegal logging that occurs, seen crying face in there, the higher mound to form the nose, and there are caves nearby, from where the creek flows into the main river flowing beneath. that form the lip. while in the distance the clouds rolled up a vortex with lightning to earth, like the rain will soon come. the earth is really going to cry devastating and will flood the river below and overflow, not only the earth will cry all the creatures under it was going to cry.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

green-haired robot

mixed media
money, acrylic on canvas

inspired robots over the rampant cases of abuse of state budget and corruption in state institutions on this one.
head of the robot represents the shape of the building of this institution. which has a curved dome green.
while the weapons in pegangnya is a representation of the new building (like a U-shaped magnets) to be in the wake of a protest from many circles, including the people, who disagreed over the construction of new buildings. fit perfectly shaped like a U-shaped magnet, which is certainly a high cost with a total value of 1.2 trillion rupiah. I was there described the magnet (the building) is sucking the budget (money) is not small. not comparable with the performance that had been disclosed by the agency.
money that I use is a fraction 100rb rupiah with image building such institutions. you can check the denomination is a picture of what's there.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

copy starry night

acrylic on canvas
100 x 80 cm

I created this painting to fulfill the task (challenge) on the painting community in the online art sites for months may 2011, I used a technique ekspresionism, with thick paint.
starry night is the master work ekspresionism Vincent van Gogh, and is one of a painter that I admire his work.
I wish I could like him.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

suparman selling stove

acrylic on canvas
30 x 40 cm

one of the bosses of the pt. todachi Indonesia's birthday

with frame

Friday, August 5, 2011

painting shoes

painting shoes
painting shoes are shoes made ​​from fabric or leather is painted with the hand method.
using a water resistant paint so it can last up to an annual even more.
with hand painting methods we can adjust the picture or design according to our wishes. so that the shoes we have artistic value and also there is only one in the world because every person must have the desire drawings / designs are different.
it takes precision and patience to do it because the media that we are painting quite small.
there are about 6-7 shoe models that we produce fabric for the painting, we will show periodically.
for the first post we present a model specifically for women's slip on.
We have been working on nearly 3,000 pairs of shoes, since we started this business since 2007.

Our customers in this region had been still around Asia, especially Indonesia and there are also singapore.

slip on the price for this model ranged from $ 13 - $ 15 depending on the complexity of the image / design.
You can choose as in the catalog or on request from you.
for booking information please email:
mobile. 0857 146 75 711
mobile. 021-62-99941399
processing time is 1-7 days depending on the number of orders.  
but we were able to do it 4 pairs per day for one painter.


and much more please send an email to get other catalogs

Saturday, July 30, 2011


acrylic on canvas
30 x 40 cm 
happy birthday pastor 
price $ 9 (not include frame) 

Friday, July 29, 2011