Thursday, January 13, 2011

learn flute

acrylic on canvas 
80 x 100 cm 

disturbed birds

Just mention his name Paijo, he's a music player in one band. Have a high spirit of nationalism after a few cases of theft of cultural heritage. Moreover, one can His country team jumped on seasia trophy event. The more adds flared spirit of nationalism.
But it was not a mere Paijo atributan nationalism (the bandwagon), "he must prove it with today's conditions", he does not want the only atributan but he must do something for his people even though it is small according to his ability, "as he thought ardent spirits.
"tomorrow I'm going to mr.sastro sanggarnya which is near his house. " In her resolve.
This is roughly trace the story of the painting that I created, I created this painting last night until late into the night with a blazing spirit, just as Paijo who want to provide something for the nation.

Continue to story:
the next day after breakfast with rice uduk artificial mrs.sarti, Paijo sastro pack off to the studio who happened close to his home.
"SALAMMU'ALAIKUM", his voice really highes because spirits him.
"wa alaikum salam", welcome pack sastro Paijo with little wonder.
"e ... e ... nak Paijo, what's wrong here tumben", welcome pack sastro. Then mr. sastro allowing paijo entrance and sit between the traditional tools in the studio.
"this mr. sastro, I want to learn one of the traditional tools that exist in this studio", an explanation Paijo the purpose of his arrival to the studio.
"well, not the father you've never thought the band did not", said Mr. Paijo.
"still around mr, I just want at least my bus master one of the nation's own traditional means", so said Paijo.
"Good .... Good ... good ....? Who else if not the young ones who went, have not had time to pack sastro explain suddenly heard screams from inside, apparently his wife pack sastro namely mrs. Sastri who shouted,
"your bird go free", in a tone vaguely, from behind the curtain of batik in the door.

"what is it mam?, one minute son, I went in first, please just saw the preview? What is it mam... there are guests, too? While grumbling leave Paijo heading into the meet mrs. Sastri.

Paijo Stay in the room studio fee that is fairly large for a traditional studio.
Then he tried one by one traditional instrument is the room.
"tung .... .. tung tung ... gong ", is what it's called yes? say Paijo
Up at one musical instrument made of bamboo from small to large,
"If this I know, this does bamboo flute", gumannya again. But he was interested at large, probably because of the same great fit that big body, or indeed because ... ... .... "This flute big, try this one ah!".
"Suuut ... .... tttttt ... ... .... suiiittt et, Paijo then try to play the bamboo flute music instrument.

"plk .... plk ....", a bird alighted one yag bamboo stick on the wall near the Paijo about 5 inch of the hands of adults.
When Paijo blew the bird flute followed by a voice "...kuk tekukur kurr kurrr", suitttt suut .... suilll ... "in unison tune.
"eh ni bird doing again", in the heart Paijo.
Every time the bird flute blowing Paijo keep abreast with merdunya voice.
This makes Paijo very upset, he thought it disturbing the concentration of blowing the flute.
Suddenly again.
"PLETAK", Paijo swinging flute toward the bird right on the bird's head. Of course, the bird fell, the beat length of 5 times distilled from the body of the bird. Then the bird flutters down-gelepar enter the stage.
"heh .... dead you ", He said to himself. Then Paijo continue to play the flute.

After a long appeared pack sastro with screaming like he was looking for something. "Paijo ... ... ... .... Paijo ... ... ... ... tekukurr kurrr .... a", snapping two fingers. Pluk ", Pluk".
"I'm here sir sastro", said Paijo.
"are you see my bird ", ask mr. sastro to Paijo.
GLK .... 2 times the first GLK tu bird named after the same name ... i second GLK (Paijo help feeling guilty), "a bird that had been .... Do-do "in the heart Paijo.
"Engg .... Engg .... not clay pack, try to find out times, sir ", while covering the anxiety within him.
"I try to find out" said Mr sastro. "jo .... Paijo .... Jo ... "pack sastro Paijo heading out to find the bird.
Paijo while holding a sense of anxiety and guilt-celinguk celingak while sediment-edap sastro left the studio pack.

This story in the first version if the version of both when the bird is to follow the strains of flute tones played by Paijo. Conceived in his heart. Obviously because he's a music player such as finding the strains he found a new tone.

The purpose of this story:
not easy emotions, let someone else sing the caravan passed. Because of emotion fail deh training. If you want to take a second version of the story who knows he could live with my bird turtledove.
The rest imagine yourself according to your version.

Let the boss ....
in selling the painting and its narrative (story) it.
Of this newly merged together narrative painting, should I go to the publisher. Used as a short novel.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


what is it ma? why surprised?
chilli prices rose 100%! oh god!
acrylic on paper 80 gr

Monday, January 10, 2011

green rose

green rose painting
acrylic on canvas
68 x 48 cm

foto kedua 

Sunday, January 9, 2011