Saturday, November 12, 2011

maximize your brain function

maybe some people or a very small number of people who use both sides of his brain. as we all know that humans have two sides of the brain that we call the right brain and left brain. The human brain is divided into two parts, namely the right brain and left brain with different functions. Identified the right brain of creativity, equality, imagination, creativity, shape or space, emotion, music and color, lateral thinking, unstructured, and tend not to think about things that are too detailed. While the left brain usually identified with the neat, differences, numbers, sequences, writing, language, calculation, logic, structured, analytical, mathematical, systematic, linear, and step by step.
Right brain function in the development of EQ (Emotional Quotient), as this equation, fantasy, creativity, shape or space, emotion, music and color. Right brain memory is long (long term memory).
The left brain function as controllers IQ (Intelligence Quotient) as the difference, numbers, sequences, writing, language, calculation and logic. Left brain memory short term (short term memory).
Difference theory of brain function right and left brain has been popular since 1960. A researcher named Roger Sperry discovered that the human brain consists of two hemispheres (part), the right brain and left brain which have different functions. This for his services he received the Nobel prize in 1981. In addition he also found that when the right brain left brain was working so tend to be more calm, and vice versa.

by Doug Hall, the dominance of the brain will affect the person's personality:

The right brain: humorous, simple, fun, wasteful, more trusting intuition, messy, chaotic, self = self-expression, preferring the feeling as a solution to the problem, adventurous, dream big, carpenters shout, "rule breakers", free, spontaneous .

The left brain: a serious, complicated, boring, efficient, more trust facts, neatly-organized, ide = profitability, preferring scholarly, careful, knowledgeable public, silent supporters, regulators, conservative, predictable.

Which precedence over the right or left brain?

you must know Archimedes (about the weight of the type), or newton (on the theory of gravity), or Albert Einstein (relativity), which he used first? right brain or left.

Incidentally, I worked on one project management consultants as a drafter and also QS (Quantity Surveyor), my daily work using the left brain, (Monday through Friday) Saturday and Sunday while I use to paint.