Friday, August 5, 2011

painting shoes

painting shoes
painting shoes are shoes made ​​from fabric or leather is painted with the hand method.
using a water resistant paint so it can last up to an annual even more.
with hand painting methods we can adjust the picture or design according to our wishes. so that the shoes we have artistic value and also there is only one in the world because every person must have the desire drawings / designs are different.
it takes precision and patience to do it because the media that we are painting quite small.
there are about 6-7 shoe models that we produce fabric for the painting, we will show periodically.
for the first post we present a model specifically for women's slip on.
We have been working on nearly 3,000 pairs of shoes, since we started this business since 2007.

Our customers in this region had been still around Asia, especially Indonesia and there are also singapore.

slip on the price for this model ranged from $ 13 - $ 15 depending on the complexity of the image / design.
You can choose as in the catalog or on request from you.
for booking information please email:
mobile. 0857 146 75 711
mobile. 021-62-99941399
processing time is 1-7 days depending on the number of orders.  
but we were able to do it 4 pairs per day for one painter.


and much more please send an email to get other catalogs