Friday, November 26, 2010

howto: using grid for portrait acrylic painting

on this occasion, I will make a realist portrait, the picture is a photo of my child, she was 4 years old, I will make serealistic possible, using acrylic paint, hopefully this is a work of art is the best realist get the perfect results I use a grid pattern to determine the object images, with rocks fotoshop we make gridnya pattern.I will give explanations gradually, because the number of work I have to finish. 
usually to work on portrait painting with size 68 x 48 cm, it took me 7 hours to complete. if done continuously without a break. but if for realist portrait, I have not counted exactly. 

Step one: determine the grid in photoshop 
with the help of digital technology easier for artists to do his job, but this does not mean degrading the ability of the artist, this article is for those who are just learning to paint. I do not need to be ashamed to use this technology, because for what technology in creating? if not to make it easier and get better results. 
previously, you have to install Adobe Photoshop, I use version 7.
you can follow the instructions below this image.

Step two: sketch and let's to painting portrait acrylic
I usually I always coat the canvas with a dark color first, can be black, dark brown, dark blue, dark green. then we create a grid pattern, which we adjust the dimensions of the media that we will paint.then we do a sketch, you can use chalk, to make sketches. 

Step three: background color
I started painting the back of the object, I am painting until perfect, that we want / adjust to the portrait.


to get good results, the acrylic portrait work, try in the process at a time, because acrylic paints dry very quickly make strokes on the face in a one-time process, to finish in one time period, so that in the next step is the settlement process end. sorry that my photos show less good, because my card reader is damaged, this painting is not perfect yet completed the final stages of completion.

I will continue at a later date, because it just got here. I'm working on some orders shoe painting.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

how to face painting or portrait painting on canvas shoes

face painting or portrait painting at the workmanship of shoes, almost the same as we face painting cartoon,if you have not seen it please stop by the  

how to painting face or portrait on canvas shoes

only possible difference in degree of difficulty when face painting or portrait, it is rather difficult to do much less realistic. like the pictures below:

shoes painted with the design face painting or portrait painting, worth $ 20 alone.
 please order messages via email: 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

acrylicpainting community

join us at: acrylicpainting community 
intended for anyone who wants to know more about painting with acrylic paint.
for the collectors of paintings, please Porto Folio me on this website. 
for those who are hobby of art and would like to share please share your acrylic paint in this group.  

acrylicpainting community 

who want to see my work directly, 
please come to my workshop: 
jl. merawan 1 no. 9 depok timur-16418
working hours: 06:00 to 17.00 WIB

the collector / artist abroad
please come to Indonesia or 
send email me
want to see the original painting.  
I will be shipping, but if you've paid.

how to paint a painting shoes

How to paint a painting shoes

1. base coat shoes,

canvas shoes base coat first, use gesso or white color, this was done to get the painting with vivid colors, to also paint the painting does not soak into the fabric coated canvas because it does not advance.

2. sketching,
Start by sketching the image we want. we can use a charcoal or pencil to sketch the rough shapes and figures onto the canvas. This gives us the opportunity to focus on composition in painting.

3. coloration,

Starting with a larger brush, because we paint on a small field, choose the appropriate brush with large areas of the image, we start coloring the canvas shoes. After the sketch, we paint basic shapes and colors, keep the edges soft. paint on your shoes can be free to start, can at the background first and then go to the front or vice versa. because the media size that is too small according to her with how easy it is.

4. adds details, cast, shadow, and hightlights,

then adding shadow colors to the painting, we can ensure that every object in the painting has the advantage of the original artwork. We focus on the density of color, shadow, background and other elements of the painting.

5. completion and finishing touches,

we can make changes to the work of painting according to our wishes. Good luck!

if you find it hard to paint? Please message to us?

contact me: 
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

price list painting shoes

 thank you for ordering / buying our paint shoes. 
Payment can be through paypall.
Tax and shipping shipping fee borne by buyer / buyer.
Please choose the model of shoes in the column below. 
for drawing up your options, provide a clear data, if possible a photo / image.
 please send via e-mail us at:

to see, model pictures please see the section widget

for the number of shoes, this is because local products, at the time of booking email, include the size of the soles of your feet (cm or inch).how:measure your foot, from heel back to the farthest distance at the front of your foot.preferably in an order to do this confirmation in advance (especially abroad) because of different physical, worried shoe on your foot size is not available in Indonesia.Thank you.



please send via e-mail us at :
contact person: 021-99941399
mobile. 0857 1465 711

mural painting

mural painting covering a variety of techniques, including fresco, enkaustik, mosaics, stained glass and photography. but most contemporary artists to paint the canvas and attach it to the wall or painting directly on the wall.mural word derived from "nut" which means "wall".
paint used in painting murals, usually on the set of price agreements with customers. with little cost, murals can be done by using wall paint on the market from the cheapest price to good quality, certainly at a great price.but the paint on the wall portrait paintings realism with low detail or with a high level of detail or for painting with a soft color subtlety is not possible to be done, then usually most of the outdoor mural painting graffiti or painting a picture that does not require refinement, such as pop art .
for painting that requires subtlety image then you should use acrylic paint as a medium of painting. acrylic paint has proven itself as the most durable paints available for painting outdoor murals as well as indoors.
other than acrylic paint can be used directly means using a brush, but also acrylic paint can be applied with spray paint, of course, with the selection of the best quality acrylic paint. which has a consistency similar to heavy cream.
dries to form a smooth surface and flat, with good alignment and only showed slight traces of brushwork.for a specific use you can visit liquitex
that need to be considered in the preparation of the mural wall surface, because it will affect the long-term durability murals.

painting shoes cataloque

Monday, November 22, 2010

comments from the FAA painter (fine art america)

some comments from friends, comments from the FAA painter (fine art america)
thank you very much for your comment, this is very meaningful for me.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

portrait painting using acrylic on canvas

Acrylic paint is a very fast drying paint, paint it with oil paint in many ways the use. When dry it is difficult to distinguish. Different acrylic paint with oil, because water-based acrylic rather than oil-based. To create a portrait with acrylic paint is a very challenging job for a very fast drying time. Color mixing, is the most important part of the creation of acrylic portrait painting, portrait painting is that as difficult as with acrylic paint? willing to share please write your comment?
These are some examples of portrait painting acrylic on canvas.

mbah maridjan
acrylic on canvas 
dimension 100 x 80 cm

keanu reeves
acrylic on canvas 
dimension 43 x 53cm

barrack obama
acrylic on canvas 
dimension 48 x 68 cm

happy birthday
acrylic on canvas 
dimension 60 x 80 cm

acrylic on canvas 
dimension 48 x 68 cm